Welcome to Icebox Knitting Mill.
We are the makers of two very distinct brands of knit headwear and accessories.

Xob Website

Xob products are made using a process called upcyclingó utilizing exsisting items as raw material to create something new of higher quality or environmental value.

The process of upcycling is good for the planet. Making Xob products requires virtually no new materials and gives new life to clothing that has outlasted it's usefulness.

Last year alone Xob products diverted over 30,000 pounds of material from the waste-stream.


DohmUSA Website

Located at the foot of the Colorado Rockies lies
a knitting mill frozen in time.

Here for more than 20 years a small group of artisans have employed century old technology to handcraft the Dohm brand of hats and accessories.

Using the finest natural fibers available, each garment is made by skilled hands with the upmost care.

All Dohm products are conscientiously crafted with an attention to quality and tradition seldom seen today.


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