Xob hats made in USA

With a “Z” sounds like Xylophone or Xerox, duh

Growing up in Boulder, Scott Baker and his friends combined their love for adventure and the thrill of building to create re-purposed objects. A metal table leg turned upside down and bolted to a wagon became a tow truck. Joining 2 BMX bicycles together became a three wheeled wonder bike for four.

Xob (say Zob!) employs this same concept: “upcycle what you’ve got and create fun!”

Today, Xob partners with like-minded suppliers and retailers to provide fun, innovative, funky art that you can wear.

Giving thousands of wool sweaters and suit jackets another chance to shine; Xob requires minimal impact on new material suppliers to create upcycled products. Non-virgin Materials are cut into usable pieces and miscellaneous “leftover” pieces go to textile recycling. All fleece procurements are from existing “end of the roll” or cosmetic seconds which are completely fine but perhaps with an “off-color” that matches Xob’s patchwork look.

As Xob continues to investigate end-sourcing solutions as their overall goal at reducing, reusing and upcycling textile recycling is becoming ever more popular and new generations of eco-minded individuals take the reins.

Each year Xob introduces new products are contemporary, crisp and exciting. Styles are bursting with intense color combinations and embellishments. You will find the craftsmanship top notch as the skilled team continues to deliver the best products possible. A family-owned company, Xob will personally respond to your needs with timely delivery and friendly customer service. The crew at Xob is excited to present this season’s offerings and look forward to partnering with you for another great year!

xob hats made in USA