Was the greatest invention ever made the wheel? Or was it  just another do it yourselfer tackling the challenge of the time?  From crafting, gardening, painting, building a dog house or turning a wrench we all seem to love the satisfaction of making something with our own hands.  Working the puzzle, experiencing the fail, pulling out the save, the fix and the compromise are the challenges we face when we create. They are the most most rewarding feelings.

It would seem we are in fact  part of something bigger. Something that is innate drawing us to build, create or invent.  Even the experience of buying supplies, all the more just talking about a project, is exciting enough for some of us. Often you hear “I’m exhausted just talking about it”.  Understandably some DIY projects are quite grand and seem more on the scope of work.

Nikola Tesla 1899 sits amidst his lab as his magnifying transmitter high voltage generator emits bolts of electricity. Source: Getty Images

The capacity, understanding and placement -fitting things together- with no instructions by some people is absolutely incredible.  Personally, YouTube, Pinterest and Google search has become a daily tool for referencing how to do it or more importantly how to not do it!  “I can tell you how to take it apart now that I broke it.” Or after you’ve rented that tractor you think to yourself “Do they just rent these things to anybody?”

Maybe it’s a genetic memory that controls our desire to build.  It could be the need to belong, to have a sense of self-worth or simply pride of accomplishing it by yourself.  The scope of the project doesn’t really matter, it is the end result. Expressing your success to individual or an appreciative audience, the cool factor or the making a loved one happy with a truck full of succulents that is the thrill of DIY.







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