PuraKai is an eco-friendly clothing and high performance surf craft manufacturer owned and operated by eco-minded surfers. The Ocean is Our Playground PuraKai feel as “makers” it’s our responsibility to protect it.

PuraKai clothing, surfboards and stand up paddle boards are made locally using organic, recycled and bio-based materials. Their goal is to create products in way that balances the need for consumption with the negative effects on the natural world and oceans.1

PuraKai started back in 2012 as a father daughter company, Noel Huelsenbeck and his daughter Megan really got the company going in 2013 with a KickStarter program that got 120 backers. Even though they fell short of their $35k goal they pushed forward with finding like-minded manufactures to help build their brand.

Icebox Knitting in Longmont, CO was one of their first domestic manufacturers to get on board with Purakai by supplying 6 styles of knit beanies that conforms to the Earth friendly ethos PuraKai puts forward. Local sourced, sustainable, hand-dyed, hand-made, locally produced and at a reasonable price! Mountain Meadow Wool was the perfect choice. Using beautiful open range Rambula Sheep which has a spiral hair that adds great hand feel and produces fine merino yarn.  The team at Icebox almost began knitting hats immediately for PuraKai.

Noel was a ball of energy when he arrived at the Icebox Knitting Factory to spec out his plan-of-action in 2013.  Scott Baker, Owner of Icebox remembers “Noel immediately captivated you into the passion he had for producing american made quality goods that wouldn’t and couldn’t harm our oceans.”  

In 2018 Purakai has grown its brand to offer 18 different products in many colors, styles and sizes.  Outreach is big part of Purakais’ call-to-action, they monetarily support nine dedicated non-profit organizations related to ocean awareness, health, cleanup and overall protection.

“As a Socially Responsible business we feel it’s important to give back to our local community and support the broader effort to make our world a better place for future generations. We are deeply committed to healing and protecting the ocean and we are equally committed to protecting the endangered creatures that live there”.  Noel Huelsenbeck, Chief Sustainability Officer – PuraKai Clothing


  1. http://www.purakai.com/our-story-purakai “The Ocean is Our Playground – It’s Our Responsibility to Protect it”

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