Sister Carmen Community Center is a non-religious family resource center and a proud member of the Family Resource Center Association. With 2 locations in Lafayette, Colorado Sister Carmen now runs a large food bank and a Thrift store.

Icebox Knitting has been buying Wool sweaters, Blue Jeans, dress shirts, suit jackets and belts for the past 10 years from Sister Carmen to use in their Xob Upcycled collection.  Icebox also supports local and national “Sweater Drives”.  The sweater drive program delivers gently used wool and wool blend sweaters to Icebox MFG, Icebox in turn makes a $1 donation to Sister Carmen for each garment received.  When retail based stores participate Icebox not only makes the cash donation to Sister Carmen but they send send back 1 finished Xob per garment donated to the retail partner.

The Sister Carmen Community Center has been providing emergency assistance to people in need since the early 1970’s.

Sister Carmen Ptacnik, center 1970 Allenspark, CO

Originally started by a group of volunteers headed by John Fiorini and named for a Catholic nun named Sister Carmen, the Sister Carmen Community Center is non-religious, independent, community based, non-profit organization which enjoys support from individuals, civic organizations, businesses, and many different faith communities.1

To date Icebox via their Xob Upcycled collection has diverted over 37,500 lbs of textile fiber from the waste stream.

Each year Icebox selects 5-8 charities to donate product to typically for some type of fundraiser or at times for individuals to enjoy a warm Merino wool beanie.  A majority of in-kind donations  from Icebox are given locally to schools as product to be sold.  These donations are in turn added to their general operating fund. Several times Icebox has donated to the national charity Kids Wish Foundation with a slew of top-notch merino hats sized especially for kids.  Icebox holds two Guardian Angel emblems for this charitable achievement.

Icebox MFG is a non-denominational triple bottom line for profit company that believes a community survives based on positive interactions through public and private partnerships that can harness the power and perseverance of goodness that is inherent in all of us.

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